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    Diamond Head Real Estate Hawaii

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    Someone seeking real estate on Diamond Head will get an opportunity to live on a real life volcanic crater, and not just any crater but one of the most familiar craters in the world.  Diamond Head is actually a neighborhood in Honolulu, but everyone in Hawaii understands the exclusive status that comes from having real estate here.

    Diamond Head is actually a National Park and world-famous landmark.  There is a great trail available that leads up to the crater for any interested hikers.  Kapiolani Park is also nearby, which is the largest public park in Hawaii.  Here people can find tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields, soccer fields, and archery ranges.  The Honolulu Zoo is also located in this area, too.

    Anyone living in Diamond Head will love that they have seclusion from the rest of the island.  At the same time they have a quick and easy access to Waikiki and downtown Honolulu for entertainment, shopping, and great restaurants.  Residents will typically shop at Ala Moana or Kahala Mall.

    Many children in Diamond Head will attend Waikiki Elementary School, Washington Middle School, and Kaimuki High School.  Waikiki Elementary has a strong focus in music programs.  Parents can also find several private schools for kids from kindergarten to high school.

    The residential area in Diamond Head is located at the base of the crater.  The prime real estate is called Black Point – a very high-end gated community.  Most homes in this area are large and have prominent architectural features, with the most expensive sitting on the water.  Luxury condominiums are also available in Diamond Head.

    The normal price ranges for homes in Diamond Head typically are between $1,600,000 and $14,950,000.  Someone seeking a condominium will normally find a starting price of $330,000.  Homes here provide some of the highest of Hawaiian living.

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    Things to Consider Before Buying a Home in Kailua

    November 28, 2011 // Comments Off

    The demand for Kailua homes for sale has continued to increase over the past few years. Kailua, a small beach town between Waimanalo and Kaneohe, is known for its stunning view of the Koolau mountain range as well as its phenomenal white sand beaches. While some people might think that there is not much development in this old town, most of them are still willing to buy a vacation home or rental property in this area. It also features a wide range of single-family homes and beachfront properties.

    Kailua real estate – an overview

    Situated south of Kaneohe and north of Waimanalo, Kailua has been popularly known as an enchanting beach town along the windward side of Oahu. It is also well-known for its panoramic view of nature, a welcoming neighborhood, and a stretch of pristine white sand beaches. While Kailua is only 12 miles away from Downtown Honolulu, the place still feels like it is an island of its own. It has the ambience of a well-developed city, with a wide range of amenities and exquisitely designed architecture.

    In Kailua, you can enjoy your free time strolling across its shopping malls, upscale boutiques, and huge bowling alleys. Tourists who wish to visit the town of Kailua will also fall in love with its overall design in an instant. A short renovation project also breathed life into this stunning community. Locals and tourists can look forward to dining in its outdoor restaurants and shopping in its newly-built boutiques. Christmas and Fourth of July are considered as the peak season in this area.

    Exciting events are also organized in this area on an annual basis. Every Thursday night, Kailua’s Farmer Market hosts an event that starts at 5:00 pm and ends at 7:30 pm. Another place that you should consider visiting during your stay in Kailua is the islands of Mokulua. It is easily accessible because you can reach it after a short kayak ride from the beach. The beautiful mountain ranges of Koolau can also be viewed anywhere in Kailua. It takes pride of jagged hills that were already featured in various movies and television shows.

    Things to do in Kailua

    While looking for Kailua homes for sale, you will also come across some facts about the Kailua Beach. Aside from being one of the world’s top beaches, the coastal scientist Stephen Leatherman also hailed it as America’s Best Beach. Here in Kailua Beach, you will find the whitest and finest sands. It also serves as one of the best sites for windsurfing because of its gentle ocean breeze and calm waters. Tourists can also enjoy spear fishing, scuba diving, surfing, and other water spots in this picturesque beach.

    Golf lovers can also visit Olomana, Pali Golf Course, and Luana Hills for a short game of golf. Most of the year, Kailua has an excellent weather because of frequent rains and trade winds. If it rains, there is no point in worrying because it will only last for a few minutes. Beach-goers in Oahu can also bask in the beautiful tropical sun while planning the things they need to do for the rest of the day. Whether you wish to buy a vacation home or a rental property, Kailua real estate properties are certainly great investments.

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    Makena real estate market

    June 8, 2010 // Comments Off

    Makena Landing Beach
    Image by Rosa Say via Flickr

    The Makena real estate market, one of the more resort-heavy and tourist-friendly sectors of the larger Maui real estate market, seemed to be still showing signs of strength despite an extremely high rate of foreclosure. According to a May 20, 2010 article from the Lahaina News, “The market is starting to turn, indicated by the increase in unit sales…Anecdotal evidence from agents, lenders and escrow personnel indicate that a good portion of the transactions in process (not yet closed) are outside the tax credit program, and that there is strong buyer-showing activity that should result in future sales.” The piece went on to note that “Condo median prices are showing some small upticks. The inventory includes many short sales and REO (bank owned) properties that will need to be absorbed as sales before we can move ahead to a more normal marketplace, at which time prices will start to rise. Interest rates have started to rise from historic record lows, which may also motivate would-be buyers to go ahead and buy.”

    One of the largest examples of Makena real estate, the massive Makena Beach & Golf Resort, was recently purchased at a government-mandated auction. According to a May 29, 2010 article from the Honolulu Star Bulletin, “The lender in the Makena Beach & Golf Resort foreclosure case ended up being the highest bidder for the property, but that might not last long. A court-mandated public auction for the Maui property was held at the Maui County courthouse yesterday morning.” The piece, written by Gene Park, continued to say that “Wells Fargo Bank had the highest bid at $55 million. The financial institution is owed more than $192.5 million in principal, plus interest and other costs on its mortgage loan. The only other bidder, who wished not to be disclosed, put in a bid for $50 million.”

    This same news, which might help to stabilize the fortunes of Makena homes for sale, was mentioned in a May 28, 2010 piece from KITV News. This report said that “The bid was submitted on behalf of Wells Fargo Bank as trustee for the mortgage lending trust that foreclosed on the former Maui Prince Hotel last year…The 310-room hotel sits on 1,800 acres of East Maui.”

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    Hawaii real estate investment

    February 11, 2010 // Comments Off

    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Image via Wikipedia

    Have you ever wondered just how nice it would be waking up in the morning, feeling the tropical breeze of the ocean, strolling in the white sand beaches, swimming in the crystal clear Hawaiian beaches under a bright sunny day?  Don’t you just love having summer virtually all year round?  If all these tickle your senses, chances are you might be interested in having your own Hawaii real estate.

    As you might have known by now, Hawaii is an island paradise well-known for its tropical climate.  Here you can enjoy the warm breeze of the ocean, as well as the most spectacular views both in land and in sea.  And because Hawaii is an island paradise, this means Hawaii real estate here is a true goldmine of an industry, even in the midst of financial crisis and other global issues.  An investment in Hawaii real estate has excellent appreciation capabilities, and the perfect artillery against inflation.  Your investment in real estate can easily provide you with long term stability given the proper conditions.  Success in this kind of business will greatly be determined by your location, so your choice in this category is a very critical one.  Hawaii is a very busy place all year round, with tourists from all over the globe eager to experience the feeling of serenity and bliss that only this place can offer.  The ocean and landscapes of Hawaii truly make it a perfect place for real estate business.

    Before you make decisions about where to make your investment, it is important to have a good knowledge and understanding of the island’s structure and geography (Hawaii is made up of several different islands), as well as the various activities in the locality.  On Oahu real estate properties can also have varying orientations – you can choose between vertical or horizontal properties.  Honolulu homes, townhouses and apartments are your options if you are inclined with horizontal type of real estate, while Hawaii condos, multi-level apartments, rest houses and villas are perfect examples of vertical properties.  Choosing between horizontal or vertical real estate will depend entirely on your taste and personal preferences.  You might also want to take into consideration other important factors such as the price threshold, choice of neighbourhood, number of bedrooms/bathrooms etc.  Remember that location is the key here, and it will greatly influence the future of your real estate property.

    Single family homes and condo units are available in well-known locations such as Ewa Gentry, Salt Lake, Mililani, Waialae Iki, Makiki Heights, Punahou, Ocean Pointe and Village Park.

    Acquiring real estate properties in Honolulu can easily ensure you financial security and stability for both you and your loved ones’ future.  Let’s face it, real estate is a basic need for everyone and making a sound investment in properties like these help you reap the benefits of your hard-earned money.  For starters, think about just how much your property will be worth in a few years time because of appreciation.  Already have a piece of property in Honolulu?  Why not have it rented out to guests and tourists if you have a home or apartment?  If you can also invest some time and effort, you might want to try converting your place into a bed and breakfast business.  You can also purchase a good beachfront property and rent it out to businessman at commanding rates.  Hawaii is moving very progressively, especially nowadays as the number of real estate developers continue to flock here and build luxurious structures all over the island paradise.

    I’m sure many will agree if I say that government taxes is one of the many burdens we citizens face on a regular basis.  Here’s some good news – home owners in Hawaii are entitled to tax benefits offered by the local government.  For example, tax deductions are given for the interest you pay on your home mortgage.  The interests in your current liabilities can also be deducted, making use of your home as security.  Keep in mind that the property you have right now can easily increase in value within a couple of years, and that means paying less taxes too.  Ultimately, your investment in Hawaii real estate will provide a big boost to your financial security and net worth.  This is one of the places where your money is truly put to good use.  It’s about time you make an investment – an investment in you and your family’s future.  Start investing in Hawaii real estate now and you will definitely not regret it.

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